Hydro dipping vs spray paint

Are you sick of the look of your car? Do you want all eyes on your motorbike? You need to upgrade your ride with a new and improved design enhancement! To truly be the centre of attention, you need to look beyond the main colour of a vehicle and customise your accessories for it to be the main attraction.

At Bodytech Automotive, we are proud to offer a range of coating options for your vehicle regarding paint and graphics. The most common options for enhancing your vehicle’s design are spray paint and hydro dipping.

Two different paint practices that come with different benefits, it can be hard to choose between the options. To help make your choice easier when selecting the right coating option for your prized possession, we break it down below.

hydro dipping

Hydro Dipping

If you want to achieve an edgy design that will capture the attention of others, hydro dipping may be what you desire. The water-based practice is done by submerging a three-dimensional surface into a tub that has a graphic design waiting in the water.

The best part about our hydro dipping services is that you have an incredible selection of designs to choose from. You are no longer stuck with solid colours and limited designs when it comes to hydro graphics! With our latest hydro-dipping technology, we offer hundreds of options in colour and design enhancements.

This process provides an impressive custom design available for both the interior and exterior of your car, giving you a wide selection when it comes to customisation. However, it isn’t just limited to car parts – it is also ideal for motorcycles!

Head to our gallery to see previous hydro dipping on motorcycle parts. You’ll see what we mean!

Hydro graphics are undoubtedly a spectacular customisation option. Although it can be limiting in some instances since it is still not available for all parts of your car. For any enquiries on what we can hydro dip, don’t hesitate to enquire with our experts.

spray paint

Spray Paint

The traditional way to customise your vehicle and give it a revamp is to spray paint it. Allowing parts of your car to restore the original colour or adopt a new coat, spray painting is cost-effective to revitalise your car’s overall aesthetic.

If you are sick of looking at scratched paint or think the original coat has diminished, spray paint will allow you to establish the new coat you desperately need. At Bodytech Automotive, we specialise in car respraying services, such as spray painting, airbrushing and graphics. All these options allow you to achieve a custom design through car paint.

Spray painting lets you paint the entirety of your car, rather than just certain aspects.  You have an excessive amount of flexibility from panels to accessories, with many different choices to explore. This means you can create an overall cohesive theme among your panels and accessories, making it an appealing option.

When trusting us to give your car a new paint, you have peace of mind knowing we only use the most advanced paint facilities and top-of-the-range paint products. This doesn’t just allow us to deliver a quality finish, but it means you will get more out of our services for years to come.

Should I choose to spray paint or hydrographics?

Choosing between our spray painting and hydrographic services will depend on what you hope to achieve. If you want to give the entirety of your vehicle a fresh update, spray painting may be your best choice as it will allow you to tailor the car’s colour and overall theme completely.

However, if you want something a little more interesting to enhance the aesthetic of your vehicle and only want to highlight certain parts, hydrographics may be the answer. While spray painting your car provides a fantastic result, hydro dipping will deliver you a more intricate design that spray paint can’t achieve.

If you are still torn between the two, why not combine the two customisation methods? Car or motorcycle, you can give the main body a primary colour with spray paint, then add hydro graphics through the accessories. With a combo like this, you’ll make your mark both on and off the roads!

No matter what customisation service you are looking for, Bodytech Automotive has you covered. We offer both spray painting and hydro dipping services in Sydney. If you are interested in learning more about our services, send an enquiry or call us on (02) 9680 2017 so we can discuss your needs.