Fibreglass Boat Repairs

In need of fibreglass repair for your boat? Stop searching for boat repairs near me — Bodytech Marine provides complete fibreglass repairs, detailing and touch-ups.

Fibreglass boats are built from multiple layers that have been bonded together with resins. While incredibly durable, it isn’t unusual for fibreglass to experience general damage from collisions and incidents on and off the water. It can also have aging issues, like most materials under the sun.

If you find your boat needs repair to the fibreglass, we can offer responsive and professional repairs, fixing cracks, osmosis blisters, scratches and more. Furthermore, we provide a fully comprehensive service, using our paint services, so we are coating the repair once done, making it look as good as new.

Our fibreglass boat services expand past general repairs and also include aesthetic enhancement services. This includes customisation and painting to give your boat a new look or update your existing colour scheme.

Fibreglass boat repair Sydney

Marine Repairs, Restoration & Customisation For Your Racing or Recreational Watercraft

Whether you want to repair a damaged boat or restore an older vessel, our boat repair and restoration services will help get you back on the water in no time.

Damaging your boat can be upsetting and we know you want to get back to sailing on your pride and joy as quickly as possible. Bodytech Marine specialises in all types of marine repair and restoration services to restore your vessel back to its original beauty with a quick turn around and exceptional customer service..

Boat repairs and restorations services Sydney

Boat Repair

Are you looking for a reliable boat repair service in Sydney? Bodytech Marine specialises in all types of marine repair and restoration services to restore your vessel back to its original beauty!

Our boat body repair services are extensive and are one of the best in the marine industry. Our team caters to a variety of boats and vessel types, including:

  • Fibreglass boat repair
  • Aluminium and stainless steel boat touch-ups
  • Complete boat, jetski or trailer paint jobs
  • Custom boat spray painting
  • Marine Hydrographics
  • Jetski repair
  • Gelcoat repairs
  • Trimmings and upholstery repairs

When you bring your boat or jetski in for a repair, you can rest assured that your vessel will be in good hands. Our team has repaired thousands of marine vessels and will use the latest methods and technology to ensure your boat or jetski looks like it was never damaged in the first place.

Purple jet ski repair and detailing Sydney

Are you restoring a pre-owned or vintage boat?

If you have recently found yourself in possession of a vintage or older boat that needs restoring, let the team at Bodytech Marine help. Our expert boat restoration services offer a complete custom restoration service to make your dreams a reality.

We will restore your boat into the vision you had in mind and can restore your boat back to its original glory, from the hull to the interior trimmings and upholstery finishes. Whether you want to bring it back to life or want something new and custom, we will have your boat back in the water, looking as good as new – or even better than before!

Boat spray paint and restoration services Sydney

High Tech Racing and Aesthetic Enhancement Customisation Service

Do you want to make your boat or jet ski stand out on the water? You can, with our custom boat spray painting and hydrographic services.

With our array of customisation services, we can deliver a unique look to your marine vessel will turn heads. We offer a large variety of colour selections and can also raptor coat any colour your heart desires with our options in boat spray paint and hydrographics.

If you compete in boat racing, we can customise your boat to look the way you want it in time for the big race day. Whether it be a fresh look to suit your team colours or a design to feature your team’s logo or number, Bodytech Marine has you covered!

Let Bodytech Marine make that dream design you’ve always wanted a reality with our boat spray paint and hydrographic workmanship.

Boat and jet ski spray paint Sydney

We Can Also Repair and Service Your Boat Trailer

Need a boat trailer repaired or serviced? Available as a one-off or while your boat is in repair, our team can service or fix your boat trailer.

From the general mechanics to the aesthetic, we can take care of your trailer’s general mechanics and aesthetic repairs, to ensure that your trailer is compliant with all industry standards and requirements. This includes:

  • Damage repair
  • Trailer spray painting
  • General trailer repairs
  • Roller and ski repairs
  • Wheels and tyres replacement
  • Wheel bearings check and replacement
  • General maintenance

These services are offered but not limited to boat trailers, box trailers, plant and tradesmen trailers. If you require boat trailer repairs in Sydney, contact us for more information.

Boat trailer repair Sydney

Bodytech Marine is your full service marine workshop in Castle Hill, providing premium restoration and body work to most boats, jetski’s and boat trailers. Talk to our workshop manager on (02) 9680-2017 to arrange an assessment and quote on your repair or restoration project.


Do you repair osmosis blisters in fibreglass boats?
Yes, we do offer repair to osmosis blisters on fibreglass boats. We also offer full fibreglass repair for boats and jetskis. Enquire to learn more about our fibreglass boat services.
Do you repair electrolysis corrosion in aluminium boats?
Yes, we can repair electrolysis corrosion on aluminium boats.
I have bought an older style boat, can I change and customise the interior layout?
Of course! We can customise and adjust the interior layout of a boat, especially older ones in need of restoration.
Can you spray paint a fibreglass boat to customise the colours?
Yes, a fibreglass boat can be customised through spray painting. We have a wide selection of colours available. We provide this as a one-off design or as part of a repair, coating the repair once fixed.
Where do you offer your boat repair services?
No longer do you need to search for boat repairs near me. Look to Bodytech Marine; our team provides quality boat repair from our North West Sydney workshop in Castle Hill. We offer our expert services to the local area and beyond, as well as to the whole of Sydney.


Leo Teng

Very professional, price decent, work is amazing. Fast turnaround very neat and tidy job! Lucky to have found this place recommended from other repair mechanics.

Alahan Amilthan

I have been using bodytech for the past 4 years… I have encouraged anyone that has issues that bodytech can solve to go this shop.

The reason is because the quality, speed and service is top tier. They are very clear on pricing and do not do anything without consent.

Looking to book your boat, marine vessel or trailer for a repair or restoration in Sydney? Trust in the Bodytech team! Contact us on (02) 9680 2017 to book.