Accident Repairs

Quality smash repair requires a wealth of knowledge and experience. Bodytech Automotive has the necessary expertise and latest paint & panel repair techniques. Our highly skilled smash repairs team will strive to ensure your satisfaction.

We use genuine automotive parts to ensure quality vehicle repairs will retain vehicle re-sale value. We meet automotive manufacturers specifications and approvals then back them up with a lifetime guarantee on your smash repairs and paintwork.


Panel Beating

At Bodytech Automotive, we repair all types of panel damage ranging from the small dents to major panel damages. Regardless of the nature of the accident and who caused it, we repair it to its original condition, thus helping retain the value of the car.


Scratch & Dent Removal

Every vehicle is susceptible to chips and scratches. This service is provided as a cost-effective alternative to a respray, targeting smaller chips and scratches and dents.

The finished product will ensure your car looks good as new, keeping that factory finish.


Custom Bodykits

Want to auto style your car? At Bodytech Automotive, we specialise in sourcing and fitting aftermarket and geniune body kits, wide body kits and spoilers in Castle Hill. Work is carried out by our talented team of auto styling specialists and we strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction!


Hail Damage

Our Paintless Dent Removal services saves you time and money, compared to conventional repairs which involve filing, sanding and repainting, and may take between days and sometimes weeks to fix.

A typical Paintless Dent Removal service only takes a few minutes to a few hours to complete! The finished product will ensure your vehicle looks as good as new!


Mag Wheel

We have the necessary experience and state-of-the-art wheel repair equipment to restore your damaged alloy wheels or mag wheels to their former glory.

We will paint, polish or machine-finish the surface to its original condition, so they look schmick! We guarantee you’ll be happy with the result!

mag wheel