We provide a premium sandblasting service that can be used to remove old paint and rust by leveraging the abrasive properties of sand. This helps create smoother surfaces with fewer flaws.

Sandblasting services Sydney before and after Coca Cola fridge


Gareth Jones

How awesome are these guys? Like it never happened. Complimentary detail, chocolate and 6 week follow up. Professional services I would definitely recommend. Great work guys. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Brock Langworthy

I recently received body work repairs done by Bodytech automotive. The Bodytech team were extremely professional and made my experience so easy. I was given a quote and a start date within the day with no problems. Once the work was complete I was handed the car back in a cleaner state than when I bought it new. You really get your value for money through Bodytech and I would highly recommend Bodytech to my family and friends.


Lovely team with great communication, very respectful, the manager John was very helpful and they returned my car looking as good as when I got it brand new. Iโ€™m so pleased with their service and endeavour to return to them for future car services. Thank you so much.

Jason Khan

They did an amazing job on my car. Had to replace the whole rear bumper. The quality is so bad high. Definitely will get back to them again without a second hesitation. Couldn’t be more satisfied. Thanks guys. You are a magician.

Eric Farrales-Glorioso

Just picked up my Peugeot today. Minor scratches fixed up amazingly well. Great price, great service. Car cleaned without asking. That’s just great thinking. Walked away wanting to do business with them again. Highly recommended.

Alahan Amilthan

I have been using bodytech for the past 4 years… I have encouraged anyone that has issues that bodytech can solve to go this shop.

The reason is because the quality, speed and service is top tier. They are very clear on pricing and do not do anything without consent.

Connor Wares

We had a fantastic experience with bodytech. We had the front of a Hyundai i-30 fixed after another car had reversed into us. The service was amazing, the initial quote was accurate and not overpriced in comparison to other places that had quoted us. We will 100% be back

Amy Kay

These guys are awesome! Had a dent on my car door that needed fixing because it was starting to rust. They did an amazing job! Canโ€™t even tell where the dent/rust used to be.
They were all very friendly and very helpful. Couldnโ€™t recommend them highly enough!

Celeste Moras

Outstanding service from Reece and the team at Body Tech Automotive! I have had terrible car luck and issues in the past two years with my car and their service and the quality of there work is amazing. Highly recommend them, taking all my future cars there now!


Highly recommend, fast turnaround with high quality.