A Family Business.

Peter Christodoulou is the Director. His wife Joanne is the Accounts Manager, whilst also running their home in Maraylya. Peter and Joanne have 4  Children, 3 of which are already a huge part of the team. Jon, is a Spray Painter and The Workshop Manager,  Reece is a Panel Beater, Paintless Dent Removal Expert and an Estimator. Jye, the youngest Son has just joined the spray painting team as an apprentice.

Tegan, Peters daughter and the Eldest of the 4 Children , owns her own Hairdressing and Beauty business and is a keen supporter of her dads business and community events.

Tegan and her partner have just had their first child, Kyzell, a beautiful bouncing baby boy.



The Christodoulous

Peter, Tegan, kyzell

Grandad, Tegan and Kyzell

How it all started

After being in the smash repair and car restoration industry for most of his working life. Peter worked hard and trained even harder to become a very well respected tradesman in the Industry.

When the decision was made to open a Custom Panel Shop, he worked tirelessly to have a company he would be proud of from the moment the doors opened on April 2nd 2007.

On that day, there were 2  Factory Units, fully equipped, 5 staff and not a car on the premises. However by 2pm of that same day, the shop was fully booked. They have not looked back.

2019 and now approaching their 13th year of operation, having repaired or modified in excess of 50 000 vehicles and fully recovered from the fire in 2013, Bodytech is Bigger, Better and Stronger than ever.

The Whole Gang

The Future

Everything Peter and his staff do as a company and as a family is to move swiftly and confidently into the future. The industry is changing rapidly with new systems and technology almost monthly. Peter makes sure all the staff are well trained and kept up with all technological advances, including attaining course qualifications with I-Car Australia. When you visit, you will see the array of framed certificates on the walls in the office.

Course Certificates I-Car Australia

The Office

It’s quite remarkable to see the dedication and commitment Peter has for his company, but also the industry as a whole, particularly as his sons, Jon, Reece and Jye will one day take over the reins.

In October 2016, conversation with the Owner of Castle Hill Smash sees a mutually beneficial purchase. A hand shake and the deal is done. Peter now owns a new business just across the road with 5 new staff and 4 new units….what an achievement!

April 2019 Bodytech will be 12 years old, repairing closer to 80 cars  per week with their main concern always being for  the customer and their safety.

Stay tuned to see what transforms in the next few years.

 Sir Richard Branson has some amazing quotes, here is 2 of them that inspire Bodytech in business

Richard Branson

About you

You and your prize possessions are safe and secure here at Bodytech. Be the young modern enthusiast, Vintage or Prestige vehicle owner, family oriented Mum; Bodytech is the place for you and your vehicle.

It is clear as soon as you arrive, the premises are so clean, you could literally eat off the floor. You will be greeted with honour and respect and when you leave with your vehicle, you will be surprised at what awaits you when you pay your account.