Does your car ride roughly, is drifting or pulling during turns or dip when you brake? You may have uneven tyre treads or damaged shocks causing stability and traction issues that require a suspension repair.

Our team provides both independent and non-independent suspension repairs, including shock absorbers and springs.

Suspension service at Castle Hill mechanic


If you need to get your car in for a general service or log book service, trust in our qualified mechanic to deliver you a quality service. With our top of the line industry technology, we will ensure your vehicle is performing and operating to its full capacity.

We serve both manual gearbox and auto transmission servicing and can also provide wheel alignment and balancing.

Engine service with Castle Hill mechanic


Is your car aircon playing up? The air conditioning system in your car may need degassing or regassing in order for it to be effective.

With Sydney’s inconsistent weather, don’t get caught out in the heat or freezing cold — let us service your car air con to ensure it is optimised and working how it should be.

Regas & Degas services with mechanic Castle Hill

Pink Slip/Blue Slip

Get your car back on the road again with our authorised vehicle inspections. Catering to both pink (eSafety check) and blue slips, we can provide authorised vehicle registration inspections on-site.

We will inspect your vehicle to ensure it meets roadworthy standards and that it is safe to be registered and driven on the road.

Pink Slip & Blue Slip check Castle Hill

Tyre and wheel services

Having issues with your tyre or wheels? Book in a tyre and wheel service! We offer puncture repairs, tyre fitting and wheel alignments.

With general wear and stress from regular use, your tyres and wheels must be regularly maintained to ensure all is travelling smoothly. If not taken care of, you can experience premature tyre wear, which can be costly in the long run, so it is always good to regularly service!

Tyre and wheel servicing Sydney


These days, most cars you see on the road have power steering. Over time, your power steering will wear out. This makes it essential to regularly service your power steering system to ensure it is operating smoothly.

Our team can ensure your steering system operates effectively, testing the system thoroughly, including the hoses, belts, pump and fluid levels. We will replace and maintain all necessary parts so you can have peace of mind on the road.

Vintage steering wheel restoration services Sydney


The heart of your car, the battery keeps your vehicle running, giving it the power to start the engine, air-conditioning, lights, windows and more. This makes it a vital component in the running of your car. If you find your car is struggling to start or turn on completely, your battery be flat or running low.

If you have a battery concern, speak to our team. Not only can we diagnose your car battery health, but we can also replace it if you find the battery is nearing the end. The last thing you want is to end up stranded, so if you have any concerns, please speak to our experts.

Battery services Sydney


Considered the most important safety measure in your vehicle, the brakes in your car are a highly critical feature that needs to be regularly maintained. If you are experiencing noises when you brake or notice delayed or unusual reactions, we encourage you to get your brakes checked.

We have a range of brake parts ready for replacement when needed for various car models. Our mechanics are qualified experts, specialising in inspecting, diagnosing, and repairing your brakes and ensuring they operate smoothly and efficiently.

Mercedes brakes repair services Sydney