Does your car ride roughly, is drifting or pulling during turns or dip when you brake? You may have uneven tyre treads or damaged shocks and you need a suspension repair.

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If you need to get your car in for a general service, trust in our qualified mechanic to deliver you quality service. With our top of the line industry technology, we will ensure your vehicle is performing and operating to its full capacity.

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Is your car aircon playing up? The air conditioning system in your car may need degassing or regassing in order for it to be effective. With Sydneyโ€™s inconsistent weather, donโ€™t get caught out in the heat or freezing cold โ€” let us service your car air con.

Regas & Degas

Pink Slip/Blue Slip

Get your car back on the road again with our authorised vehicle inspections. Catering to both pink and blue slips, we will inspect your vehicle to ensure it meets roadworthy standards and that it is safe to be registered and driven on the road.

Pink Slip & Blue Slip