Fibreglass Boat Repair

Complete Fibreglass Boat Repairs

Just like cars on the road, accidents can happen to your boat on the water too. If you have a fibreglass boat in need of repairs — stop searching for boat repairs near me and look no further than Bodytech Automotive. Our comprehensive marine services provide professional repairs to all marine vessels, including fibreglass boats.

We will provide expert fibreglass boat repairs so you can be back cruising on the water in no time. Whether it be from general wear and tear, aging or a result of a boating accident, our team will fix and repair your boat. In all fibreglass boat repairs, we guarantee to meet manufacturer specification and finish.

Our fibreglass boat repair services cover:

  • Fibreglass scratch removal
  • Fibreglass repairs
  • Gelcoat repairs
  • Keel repairs
  • Delamination for the deck
  • Delamination for the hull
  • + more
Fibreglass boat repair Sydney

Fibreglass Boat Customisation & Painting

Stand out from the crowd and enhance your fibreglass boat by giving it a whole new look and customising it completely! At Bodytech Automotive, cars aren’t the only things we can customise and paint – we also extend our services to marine vessels, including fibreglass boats.

Looking to shake up the colours completely? Or did you simply want to give the existing colour scheme a refresh? No matter what you desire, our team will take your boat and customise it to help make the image you have in your mind a reality.

In addition to respraying and delivering a whole new look to the exterior, we can also customise certain parts in the interior of the boat. Utilising our hydro dipping services, you can apply custom hydrographic designs to make your boat even more unique!

Fibreglass Boat Customisation and Painting

Restoration for Fibreglass Boats

Restore your fibreglass boat back to its former glory with our marine restoration services. If you’ve recently purchased an old fibreglass boat or want to upgrade one you’ve had for a long time, restoring your fibreglass boat can help you give new life to your vessel so you can continue to enjoy it for years to come.

Our restoration process provides a complete transformation that will improve the quality of your fibreglass boat. This includes repairing and touching-up your vessel and upgrading parts as well as customising the overall aesthetic. Our team will provide your boat with a complete restoration!

Does your boat trailer need restoring? When restoring your boat, we can also restore and repair the boat trailer, so your boat’s new look coincides with the trailer and looks good on or off the water.

Boat spray paint and restoration services Sydney


Can you customise my fibreglass boat?
Yes, we can certainly customise your fibreglass boat. Fibreglass boats can be customised on both the inside and outside through spray painting, hydro graphics and more. We have a wide selection of colours available.
Do you offer detailing for fibreglass boats?
Yes, we offer detailing and touch ups. If you are looking to tidy up your fibreglass vessel or want a pre-sale service to make your boat appealing for the market, Bodytech Marine can help you! We touch up and detail fibreglass boats to get your vessel looking its best.
Can you provide interior repairs for my fibreglass boat?
Yes, in addition to exterior repairs, we can also fix interior repairs of your fibreglass boat. This includes delamination the deck.
Do you fix osmosis blisters in fibreglass boats?
Yes, we do offer repair to osmosis blisters on fibreglass boats.
Where do you offer your fibreglass boat repair services?
Stop searching for boat repairs near me — Bodytech Marine offers quality fibreglass boat repair from our North West Sydney workshop in Castle Hill. We offer our expert services to the local area and beyond, as well as to the whole of Sydney.


Leo Teng

Very professional, price decent, work is amazing. Fast turnaround very neat and tidy job! Lucky to have found this place recommended from other repair mechanics.

Alahan Amilthan

I have been using bodytech for the past 4 years… I have encouraged anyone that has issues that bodytech can solve to go this shop.

The reason is because the quality, speed and service is top tier. They are very clear on pricing and do not do anything without consent.

Fleet work

Fleet work

We can pick up, deliver and supply a replacement vehicle for your convenience.

24/7 Availability

24/7 Availability

We are open Monday to Friday with 24/7 emergency service available.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We stand by all our repairs with a lifetime warranty.

Fast and Efficient

Fast and Efficient

Customer service, expert vehicle repair, speed and value are what we stand for.

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