Sandblasting 101 – Understanding sandblasting

Are you looking to deliver a new layer of paint to your beloved car? Did you know that before you can organise the spray paint or get hydrographic on standby, you need to sort out the base of your surface?

Just like painting a wall, there is more to it than just slapping a layer of paint. You need to prepare your car or motorcycle surface to soak up the new finish smoothly and neatly. The solution, you ask? Sandblasting!


What is sandblasting?

Sandblasting is the act of using a powered machine to spray surfaces with abrasive sand grains at high pressure. This method gets rid of debris and old finishes, also known as abrasive blasting.

Sand is used for its rough and coarse texture with properties that make it an ideal abrasive option. Similar to the purpose of sandpaper, the grittiness will wear away at existing particles on the top layer when in contact. This results in a smoother texture.

When sprayed, a surface will rid itself of its old layer, stripping off its previous coat and existing rust to deliver a smooth and even finish. This is usually done in preparation for a new coat, which is a critical step required before the priming. It is a popular process for restoration projects.

What can be sandblasted?

Many automobile parts for both cars and motorcycles can be sandblasted. It is used to remove old paint and rust, which is highly desired for older or damaged models that need to be restored. In fact, it is a key part of the restoration service, allowing an item to appear brand new.

Sandblasting is also needed to prepare a smooth and flawless base for our customisation services. Before we can prime a surface, readying it for our coating services such as powder coating and spray painting is needed.

We can offer sandblasting for:

● Rims & wheels
● Bike & car accessories
● Chassis
● Frames
● Tray
● Panels

In addition to automobile purposes, sandblasting is also highly desirable for household items. Just like cars, items in and around your home can get weathered over time and eventually wear down the original coat. An efficient abrasive removal service such as powder coating is suitable for most metal-based products to rid themselves of the damaged coat.

We have sandblasted non-vehicle items, including everyday objects such as chandeliers, fridges, gym machines and lawnmowers. If you have a general item that requires sandblasting, we encourage you to check with our team to see if we can help.



Where can you find sandblasting services in the Hills?

Next time you want sandblasting in Sydney, trust Bodytech Automotive. Located in the heart of the Hills District at Castle Hill, we offer professional sandblasting services to those in the local area and surrounding Sydney region.

Our expert team has years of experience in performing industry-standard sandblasting. You can trust us to provide premium quality sandblasting for all your automobile needs.

Are you interested in our sandblasting services? Look no further than Bodytech Automotive. We offer complete customisation service, providing sandblasting and powder coating to Sydney customers. Trust us as your one-stop shop.

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