Servicing my car in Castle Hill

Servicing your car can be confusing and knowing the service requirements of your car can save you time and money in the future. With Bodytech Automotive, you are in good hands! With years of experience, we’ve quickly become one of the leading trusted mechanics in the local Castle Hill area.

Read this blog and discover why our team is unmatched by exploring the different services available for your car.

Why does my car need to be regularly serviced?

All makes and models of cars have one thing in common, they are all made up of high-tech moving parts working in synergy to power your car.

To maintain the performance of your vehicle and its longevity, servicing is required regularly. Car maintenance ensures that all of the moving parts are well lubricated, undamaged and working to their full capacity.

It is a common myth that you need to return your car to the dealer for logbook servicing to maintain your warranty. Any qualified and licensed mechanic can service your vehicle without it affecting your manufacturer’s warranty.

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Car service options

You may have heard the terms, Major, Minor and Logbook when it comes to servicing your car. It is important to know the difference and what is included in each service.

A Logbook Service is the minimum recommended work required to maintain your warranty and is outlined by the manufacturer. Each logbook service can vary depending on the kilometres on your odometer. A standard logbook service will include:

● Engine oil and filter change
● 40-point safety check
● Inspection of the radiator hoses, fan belts and lights
● Brake inspection and adjustment

Your logbook service may also include other items outside of this, as specified by your manufacturer. These could include a simple spark plug replacement or a more complicated timing belt change. Be sure to refer to your logbook for detailed information on your upcoming service requirements.

A Minor Service covers the basic needs of the car and should be done every 10,000km or every 6 months, whichever comes first. A minor service generally includes the replacement of consumable items such as engine oil and oil filters. It also includes the general inspection of the car’s fluids, brakes, belts, hoses and other filters.

A Major Service is a full inspection and replacement of the majority of the consumable items in your car’s engine. A major service can include:

● Engine oil & filter replacement
● A full engine check
● Spark plug replacement
● Coolant flush
● Transmission service
● Cabin filter replacement
● Suspension check
● A full vehicle check
● Wiper replacement

If any issues are found during the standard checks, repair or replacement will be completed during the service. A Major Service is generally required every third service or 30,000km.

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Who is the go-to mechanic in Castle Hill

If you ask any local who is the most trusted Castle Hill mechanic, they will absolutely tell you to see Peter Christodoulou at Bodytech Automotive on Victoria Avenue. Peter and his family-run workshop are the best in the business, and have the experience needed to service all car makes and models, including European cars.

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Bodytech Automotive has been operating for over 14 years and is a local family-run business that has serviced and repaired more than 50,000 cars.

When looking for a good mechanic, word-of-mouth is important, as is a wide knowledge of different makes and models. As experienced and trusted car mechanics in the industry, Bodytech Automotive can easily diagnose common problems, as well as provide upfront quotes with no hidden extras. Peter and his team tick all of these boxes and you can be assured your car is in safe hands.

Bodytech Automotive are open Monday to Friday and offer 24-hour emergency service. They are fast and efficient, and their customer service team is on hand to answer any questions you may have about your next car service in Castle Hill. Contact Peter and his team on (02)9680-2017 or enquire online.