Benefits of powder coating your motorcycle

When it comes to customising and covering your motorcycle, there are several paint methods you can select from. However, powder coating your motorcycle still provides you with unmatched results.

Stocked with several benefits, powder coating motorcycle parts has surged in popularity and quickly become hot in demand for motorcycle enthusiasts.  With many advantages, it doesn’t just leave your motorcycle looking fresh, it also enhances it in many ways.

Are you interested in powder coating parts of your bike? Keep reading to see why powder coating is a good choice for your motorcycle.

It offers durability and quality

Powder coating is robust and considered more durable than other paint options. It is tough, and highly resistant to corrosion, flaking and scratching. The chemical bonds formed once the powder sets create a flexible yet durable finish that will last for years to come.

The quality of this finish is unique and superior. The powder creates a solid yet smooth surface with minimal faults. There won’t be a mistake, unlike any other paint form, meaning there is no need for refinishing or sanding. This gives it an impressive quality that gives it a long lifetime.

motorcycle powder coating

It provides a wide variety and coverage

The flexibility of powder coating makes it an appealing finish for your motorcycle. Did you know it can be used for multiple parts of your motorcycle? It is compatible with your wheels, frame, general accessories and even the engine; there are plenty of opportunities to powder coat your bike!

Not only can it be used for several parts of your motorcycle, but it also offers variety in the colours and finishes available. This means there is a vast potential for customisation options, making it an excellent choice for giving your motorcycle a unique aesthetic.

There is little maintenance required

Powder-coated parts are easy to maintain and there is little maintenance involved. Due to its durable and resistant nature, there are no cleaners or special solvents required. This also means there is no threat of rust or other damage that can be triggered by cleaning solutions.

Although not mandatory, a quick wipe with a rag rinsed in soapy water is efficient enough for those who want to keep the powder-coated surface in pristine condition. Just like you would with a general wash. Although, this will only be needed occasionally and is not a frequent demand. Other than that, nothing else is required.

As you can see, powder coating is the desired finish for a good reason! This can leave your motorcycle looking its best for years to come with many benefits! What’s not to love?

Are you interested in our powder coating services? If you are looking to give your car or motorcycle a fresh look, we offer powder coating to Sydney customers and their vehicles. Our experts can provide sandblasting to shed the original coat and make way for the new powder coat.

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