What you need to know about winterising your boat or jetski

It’s official – the cold weather has settled and winter has officially arrived! As the warmth disappears and sun exposure is decreased, water sports take a break for the off-season while winter sports and days by the fire take over. With less opportunity to hit the water, boats and jet skis are stored away, for the time being, hidden for the colder months.

As your boat or jet ski is decommissioned for the winter, you still need to ensure it is taken care of so it is in top shape for when the warm months return! This makes it the perfect time to winterise your marine vessel.

What is winterising?

Winterising is the process of preparing your marine vessel for long periods of storage. As the climate changes and the environmental factors turn drastically from water to storage, your vessel must be ready for the dry and dusty conditions. This is where winterising comes in.

The practice of winterising is an integral part of your boat care regime. That is why it is important you send your marine vessel to an expert team that can adequately deliver and undergo winterising services.

Our professional winterising services include:

  • Defogging the engine, supercharger and throttle body
  • Pressurising the exhaust and removing the majority of water
  • Spraying the engine with lanotec to minimise corrosion and engine failures

We can also have an optional add-on of a trickle charger set-up. This guarantees your battery to survive the long period of just sitting and not getting charged without damaging the battery!

After leaving your boat in our safe hands, we encourage you to wash and clean all the bits and pieces you use along with your boat in the summer. This includes cushions, camping accessories, towels and life jackets.

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When should you winterise?

As hinted in the name, winterising should occur during the winter shortly after you’ve taken your boat out of the water. It should also happen when you plan on storing your vessel for a lengthy period.

Winterising your boat during the off-season makes sure your ski or boat is ready for its return to the water. This ensures your boat can perform up to its capabilities when you need it to. If your boat isn’t winterised correctly, mould and damages can occur, requiring repairs for your watercraft and delaying its return to the water.

Where you can winterise on your boat or jet ski

If you are looking for professional winterising services, think Bodytech Marine, an extension of Bodytech Automotive.

Our services cater to marine vessels, including winterising. Our trained marine technicians will conduct expert services to winterise your vessel, so it is ready to return to the water in top condition.

In addition to winterising, we also offer general boat repair, boat trailer repair, boat spray paint and customisation services to boat and jet ski vessels alike.

Contact our expert team today if you are interested in our winterising services or want boat repair while it is off the water. Contact our expert team today and give us a call on 02 9680 2017 to find out more!