Ways you can customise your motorcycle

Is your motorcycle your pride and joy? If you want to upgrade, don’t settle by going for a standard cookie cutter refresh. Go big by customising it with a unique look!

As your prized possession, your bike should be treated to a bespoke customisation experience that makes it stand out from the others on the road. With our experts, the possibilities are endless! Bodytech Automotive has a range of customisation services available for motorcycles.

Read below to explore the different customisation services that are available for your motorcycle.

Hydro dipping

Add character to your bike by introducing a hydrographic! Our hydro dipping services offer hundreds of colour options and design enhancements for your motorcycle parts. It doesn’t matter if you want a custom graphic or bold pattern; we can deliver your ideal graphic.

Our team uses the latest hydro dipping technology to bring your bike to life. If you have a visual in mind, we encourage you to ask us! We will deliver you a unique graphic you can appreciate and admire on and off the road.

We can apply hydro dipping to these motorcycle parts:

  • Fenders
  • Fuel tank
  • Accessories
  • Bike frame
  • Wheel rim
  • More

Options for hydro dipping include matte, semi-gloss, high gloss and show finishes.

Spray painting

For a more straightforward paint service, we can give your motorcycle parts standard spray paint. This is great for the minimalist who just wants to shake up the colour aesthetic of their bike rather than go for an alternative look with graphics.

You can spray paint your bike a completely different colour. We can also spray paint your parts in different colours to create a colourful design.

Alternatively, if you like the colour scheme you currently have but want to brighten it up, we can give it a respray to update your current colour.

We also offer ceramic coating for those looking for further durable paint protection. Ceramic coating is a coating that forms a permanent adhesion to factory paint work. It cannot be washed off or removed by heavy cleaning chemicals, making it the most durable car paint protection product available on the market.



Do you have an older motorcycle that needs a tonne of love and care? Whether you have an old bike in the garage or have inherited an older motorbike, opt for a comprehensive restoration to restore it to its former glory!

Known for our car restoration services, Bodytech Automotive also extend our services to motorcycle restorations.

Our expert team will work to refurbish your beloved automobile by working on the original condition and removing the existing coat of paint and any rust. Then, we’ll deliver it a whole new coat, returning you a motorcycle that looks good as new!

Are you ready to customise your motorcycle? Come to the experts at Bodytech Automotive. If you are looking for motorcycle restoration, spray painting or hydro dipping in Sydney, our team will deliver you professional services that will make you fall in love with your motorcycle all over again.