Why you shouldn’t put off regular boat trailer services

Warmer weather means more sunny days on the water! As the mercury rises, you may start making plans to return to the water. This makes it the perfect time to remind marine vessel owners of the importance of maintaining not just their boat but also their boat trailer.

Most owners understand the importance of regularly maintaining their boat or vessel, however, the boat trailers are often overlooked. Many don’t know that putting your boat trailer in for repair and service is just as important. It plays a vital role in getting your boat into the water, so regular services are essential!

Keep reading to see why your trailer requires an equal amount of attention and shouldn’t be put off!

It can be a safety concern

While boat issues call for immediate response and repair, trailer issues seem to get put on the back burner. Many owners think their boat trailer will be able to wait, putting off fixing any problems that may arise. Not to mention, they can’t see all elements of the trailer, making it easy to miss any significant concerns.

However, with frequent use of transporting heavy loads back and forth and regular exposure to water, there is only so much your trailer can take. Over time, problems may persist and eventually become even more concerning if not serviced. This is especially true for integral parts such as the bearings, wheels, tyres, lights, axles and winch straps.

Lack of proper maintenance can create a safety issue when driving to and from the water if damaged considerably. Depending on the extent of your repairs, you may not even make it to your destination, causing a major road accident. And don’t forget the possible infringement fines!

boat repair

It can cause damage to your boat

In addition to being a safety issue, not having a secure or well-maintained trailer can damage your prized possession – your boat. Yes, your boat trailer negligence can impact the main prize!

Many parts make up a boat trailer; if not taken care of, these parts can wear out over time. This can damage the boat as a result. Even worse, if certain parts give out ultimately, it can cause your boat to detach. This can be a whole different situation with scary consequences, even damaging your car!

As you can imagine, the price of repairing your boat wouldn’t even compare to the trailer. This makes it essential you ensure your trailer is up to scratch.

It can become a more costly issue

Just like your car, putting off regular servicing can lead to more significant issues down the track. That is why booking your trailer in for annual servicing is recommended.

The last thing you want to do is let a minor fix fester. This will trigger it to become a hefty repair that could have been resolved in an earlier service. Even more so, if the structural damage is so severe, you need to replace the trailer entirely! You’ll be kicking yourself if it becomes an even bigger problem.

We recommend also booking your boat trailer for service and repair when you put your boat in for repair. By putting both the boat and trailer in for regular servicing at the same time, you are limiting the chances of a severe incident and major repair costs in the long term!

The key to avoiding boat trailer issues? Getting regular professional servicing for your boat trailer! While there is some maintenance you can do yourself, there are some practices only a trained professional should conduct to avoid further issues. You should book your boat trailer in with a reputable marine specialist, like Bodytech Marine, annually or when a problem first arises.

We can help you take care of your vessel from general service to repairs. In addition to boat trailer repairs, we also offer boat repair for your beloved boat or jet ski. To find out more, enquire on our website or give us a call on (02) 9680 2017.