Smash repairs for European cars by Bodytech

Unfortunately, one thing in life that is certain is accidents happen, especially on the road. Even the most precious of cars aren’t safe from an accident occurring, with countless risks found both on and off the road.

At Bodytech Automotive, we understand the real threat accidents can have on you and your beloved vehicle. Not to mention the struggle it can be to find reputable car repairers for something such as a prestigious European car. You want only the best of the best working on your vehicle to get it back to its top genuine condition, which is understandable, as these brands differ from others.

Our trained team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in smash repairs for European car brands, catering to accident repairs, panel beating, scratch and dent removal and more. We have the necessary expertise and the latest paint and panel repair techniques to provide you with the service your car deserves.

Do you have a European car in need of smash repairs in Castle Hill or nearby? Discover the European cars we provide repair services below.



There is no doubt that a Porsche is cherished. As one of the leading performing car brands, the performance of a Porsche is top-tier and undoubted. So, when a Porsche has been involved in an accident, an owner will want to get it attended to immediately, left in the hands of a qualified repairer.

At Bodytech Automotive, our knowledgeable and expert team provides credible smash repair services to all Porsche models. We strictly utilise leading-industry tools and authentic parts to meet this brand’s quality standards.


Ferrari models are simply beautiful. From the GTB to the Spider, each car is a work of art, so having one involved in an accident would be heartbreaking. Bodytech Automotive provides Ferrari smash repairs to help get your car back in shape and on the road.

Using genuine Ferrari parts, our experienced team will only ever utilise top-of-the-range parts to restore your car to its full glory.



Do you have a BMW? Whether it is a sedan or forward drive, seeing your beloved vehicle in an accident can be hard to move on from. To help restore your car to its former condition, Bodytech Automotive proudly provides smash repairs for BMW vehicles.

Our team strictly uses BMW-approved parts to repair your car. Following the manufacturer’s specifications and approval, we will help you get your BMW back on the road.



Admired by many, Volkswagen cars are appreciated for their wide model range, providing a car for all types of lifestyles. But no matter the model, experiencing an accident that damages your car can be difficult. With the team at Bodytech Automotive, we’ll provide our Volkswagen smash repair services to fix your beloved vehicle.

We meet the manufacturer’s specifications only using genuine Volkswagen parts to ensure your car is returned in showroom condition, retaining its vehicle resale value.

Mercedes Benz

Known for luxury, Mercedes Benz has several outstanding models that are all admired. That is why it can be devastating when one is involved in an accident. To help rescue you, Bodytech Automotive provides reliable Mercedes Benz smash repairs to help restore your car.

Meeting the manufacturer’s requirements, our team will repair your Mercedes, only ever using authentic parts to fix your car, returning it like brand new.

Prestige European Cars

Have another prestigious car we haven’t mentioned above? Enquire with our team! In addition to the above, we provide smash repairs for other European car brands, including:

  • Audi
  • Alfa Romeo
  • Fiat
  • Jaguar
  • Volvo
  • Skoda
  • Aston Martin

No matter the nature of your accident, we make it our mission to repair and restore your cherished car to its original condition.

For all car brands, we strictly only use approved parts, meeting the automotive manufacturer’s specifications. In addition, we back up each repair with a lifetime guarantee on your smash repair and paintwork.

Next time you need smash repairs for your European car, trust Bodytech Automotive. Our highly skilled smash repairs team prioritises your satisfaction, working to deliver you your car back in top condition, ready to return to the road.

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