How to customise your boat or aqua vessel

At Bodytech Automotive, our services aren’t limited to cars; we also work on marine vessels! We offer boat repair and restoration services on various vessels, including speed boats, fishing boats and jet skis.

Located in the Hills District, we have close access to the Hawkesbury River and are under an hour away from open waters. This means we are local to many water fanatics!

Just like your car, we want to help you achieve the look you’ve always dreamt of for your boat. Having worked on countless marine vessels, our team has repaired countless boats and jet skis, giving them a refresh or a whole new look for their owner to enjoy.

Now it is your turn to enjoy our marine services. Not sure what your marine vessel is missing? For ideas on how we can help you customise your boat or aqua vessel, check out some of our ideas.

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Change the design completely

Have you recently bought a boat or have had your jet ski for a while and want to shake it up with a restoration? Go for something different by changing the design completely!

With our team, there is no need to feel restricted. Using our custom paint and hydrographic services, we can provide you with countless options. Desire a certain pattern? We’ve got your back! Do you want to add multiple colours? Consider it done!

You can also add hints of unique features, such as hydrographic patterns on some aspects of your vessel. We encourage you to let your mind run wild and don’t be afraid to mix it up! A marine vessel is made to be enjoyed, so let loose on the design and have fun.

We also provide fibreglass boat repair, ceramic coating and smash repairs, so even if you have an accident, we can fix your boat and follow suit with our design services.

Go for a new colour scheme

Do you enjoy the look of your current design but feel it could undergo a slight re-do? No worries! We can stick to your existing design and deliver a repaint.

Offering boat spray paint, we can respray and update your current colour scheme. This way, it looks brand new without too much of a change-up!

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Alternatively, if you’re sick of the same colour scheme, we can help you discover new colours to enjoy. With our custom paint and the large variety of selections, you’ll find any colour you want.

Add branding to your vessel

Are you planning on competing in boat racing or a water ski race? Or do you simply want to have your vessel repping your own business? At Bodytech Automotive, we can help you customise your boat with branding assets.

From printing a name on your boat to adding a number or logo, we will help bring your design to life! We can also deliver a colour scheme to suit your team or brand colours for that extra uniform aesthetic.

Long story short, if you want to personalise your boat design, we will deliver your dream branded boat. Trust in us to have you ready to hit the water!

If you’re looking to stand out on the water, you’ve come to the right place! In addition to your boat or jet ski, we also offer boat trailer repair to deliver a seamless experience when transporting your vessel. From road to water, we will have your marine vessel impressing all who witness it.

To find out more about our boat restoration and repair services, enquire now or contact us on (02) 9680 2017 to learn more.