Boat Repair & Restorations

We offer a wide range of boat repair and restoration services. Our services include fibreglass boat repair, aquatic vessel detailing, respraying and touch ups and customisation. For customisation, we offer boat spray paint and more.

White boat in harbour - boat repair Sydney

Fibreglass Boat Repair

Do you have a fibreglass boat in need of repair? It doesn’t matter if it was involved in an accident or simply experiencing damage from wear over time, we can provide you with reliable fibreglass boat repair. With the right experience, tools and materials on hand, we will rectify any crack, scratch, puncture, hole or blistering in the gel coat, so you can have your boat back on the water looking as good as ever.

Fibreglass boat repair Sydney

Jetski Repair

Is your jet ski in need of a service, restoration or repair? At Bodytech Automotive, we are experts in this field and offer our fibreglass and jet ski/boat repair services to the Sydney region. We offer maintenance services and detailing to help you get your jet ski back on the water in no time. We can also winterise your jetski upon request.

Jetski repair and customisation Sydney

Boat Trailer Repairs

At Bodytech Automotive, our highly passionate team can work on any type of trailer for repairs, servicing and general maintenance. Our fully qualified team members can provide box trailer, plant and tradesman trailer and boat trailer repair.

Expert boat trailer repair services Sydney

Pre-sale detail and touch ups

If you’re looking for new owners for your boat or aquatic vessel, we can provide you with high-quality, thorough boat detailing and touch-up services. Make your boat or jet ski more appealing to the market by getting it to look its best with our services.

Pre-sale detail and touch ups for fibreglass boats

Repairs to Marine Vessels

Just like your sports car, your vessel needs regular love and attention to keep everything in great shape. Frequent servicing is absolutely the key in ensuring your vessel remains in perfect order, is safe to operate and also looks its very best while out cruising. We provide jet ski, trailer and boat repair services.

Repairs to marine vessel blue jetski

Marine Paint Work

If your aquatic vessel is your pride and joy, then a ding or a scratch on the paintwork can be really irritating. Damage to the paint can happen in all kinds of simple, common accidents. For a quality jet ski or boat spray paint experience that will have your vessel looking as good as new, trust in our team.

Marine paint work services Sydney

Marine Resprays

If your vessel has peeling clear coat, faded paintwork, or you are looking to change the colour of your vessel, a partial or full respray will be the best option to bring it back to life. With our jet ski or boat spray painting service, you can personalise it to your taste.

Jet ski marine respray services Sydney