How often should you get your car serviced?

How often should you get your car serviced?

Is your car making suspicious noises? Or are you getting a new car and want to start on the right foot by maintaining it properly?

Whether you have a new or old car, it is essential to service your car regularly, as this will ensure your safety and reduce any additional costs over the vehicle’s lifespan.

So, how often should you service your car? Read below to discover the answer.

How often should you service your car?

The rule of thumb is to book your car in for professional servicing every six months or 10,000km – whichever comes first. By booking your vehicle to be serviced often, you ensure your car is safe to drive and avoids significant damage.

These visits will help you check on any underlying issues your vehicle might have. Being able to detect problems early on means you can remedy the issue before it gets more serious.

A basic service will ensure your car runs smoothly as expected; it also allows a mechanic to perform

How often should you get your car serviced?

basic tasks, like oil and filter changes. Major services will include testing, spark plug repairs, part replacements, wheel alignment and brake inspection.

Why is regular servicing important?

It is essential to service your car every six months to ensure it is maintained and any concerns are addressed and fixed. While servicing your vehicle so often is an expense, the potential costs of severe damage from not regularly servicing your car are far more costly. Servicing will also reduce costs over the lifespan of your vehicle.

While your car may appear fine, some parts that aren’t visible can degrade over time, which can lead to a breakdown. With regular servicing, these parts can be addressed and checked up, and any wear and tear can be monitored.

Not to mention, regular service is a highlight many buyers look for. By recording regular logbook checkups, you will maintain the resale value of your vehicle. It will also prolong the longevity of your car.

How often should you get your car serviced?

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