Five signs your car needs a service

Five signs your car needs a service

The key to a long-running car? Make sure it is serviced at the correct times! Just like visiting the dentist for annual checkups, your car must get adequate servicing.

While ensuring you book your car for routine servicing is essential, it is also critical to identify the signs indicating your vehicle needs a service soon. While specific signs will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle, there are general things you should look out for that will let you know if a service is due.

Here are five typical signs indicating you need to book your car for a service.

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1. Warning Lights

If you find your dashboard is lit up with illuminated red or orange warning signs, this is a strong sign your car needs to be checked by a mechanic. It typically indicates a problem that requires professional attention.

Generally, these lights will either be a check engine light, oil pressure warning or brake system warning. If your dash currently shows this, we urge you to get your car inspected as soon as possible. Don’t delay maintenance checks when it comes to safety.

Unusual Noises

2. Unusual Noises

Have you heard a noise that doesn’t sound right or normal? An unusual noise can be an indicator of underlying issues. It could also suggest problems with a particular part that may need to be repaired or replaced.

Noises can include grinding, rattling or squealing brakes. If you have heard a strange noise, it is best to organise a service and to notify your mechanic.


3. Vibrations

Do you experience unusual vibrations while driving? This could be a concern, especially if the vibrations are excessive. If you experience a shaky ride in your vehicle despite a smooth road, this could point to serious problems with the tyres, suspension, or alignment.

Vibrating could happen when the car is turned on or when driving at certain speeds. It could also result in difficulty with steering or pulling to one side. This makes it essential for your safety to get it inspected.

Fluid Leaks

4. Fluid Leaks

Noticing a leak under your car or where you often park? Leaking fluid can be a sign of a severe issue. A leak could occur due to a problem with the engine, transmission, brake system or cooling system.

Different fluids have distinct colours and consistencies, making it best to get it checked by an expert so it can be rectified.

Reduced Performance

5. Reduced Performance

Is your car starting to lack in performance? A noticeable decrease in fuel, efficiency, power or acceleration can indicate various issues. Issues can include clogged air filters, fuel system problems or engine issues.

When you notice your car isn’t performing to the standard you’re used to without an apparent reason, this would be a sign to get your vehicle serviced just to be safe.

Of course, if you haven’t had your car serviced in six or more months, it may be overdue. It is always best to service your car as directed by the manufacturer or mechanic.

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