Common fibreglass boat repairs

Are you thinking about purchasing a fibreglass boat? Or do you believe that your fibreglass boat may be damaged already?

Just like any vehicle, accidents happen and general wear and tear is expected. When it comes to fibreglass boats, they are strong for the most part. However, there is still a range of common issues that owners may experience on and off the water.

Not to worry, it’s not all bad news. One of the upsides to a fibreglass boat is that they are easy to repair! Check out the most common reasons for a fibreglass boat repair below.

Gelcoat repairs

Every now and then, your fibreglass boat will come into contact with sharp or abrasive objects. This can be through simple use or during a minor collision. This can cause the gelcoat to crack and blister.

If blisters or cracks appear in the gelcoat, jump to attention and bring your vessel in for repairs as soon as possible. Immediate repairs can deter further damage from occurring and can prevent critical damage to the hull.

Fibreglass scratch removal

Has your fibreglass boat been damaged? This can be easy to repair. If your vessel has experienced extensive scratching to the exterior, there is no need to worry.

Depending on the nature of your scratch or scrape, it may need to be filled or buffed out. We will analyse the condition of your scratch and respond accordingly. Our team at Bodytech Marine will repair the damaged area of your boat to make it look good as new.

fiberglass scratch removal

Keel repairs

A vulnerable yet integral part of a boat, the keel is an important area to maintain. When chipped or damaged, it has the potential to do severe damage as it provides an opportunity for water to leak through the hull and into the boat. If damaged, it is vital to seek immediate repair.

To avoid structural damage to the boat, we recommend getting a professional to repair the keel at first sight of damage.  Our team will repair the keel, providing you with a restored vessel and peace of mind to return to the water.

Fibreglass restoration

Despite a high UV resistance, the gel coat can fade and become porous when exposed to the constant sun. It can also become warped after extended periods under intense heat and must be replaced.

If this happens to your boat, we can restore your vessel to its former glory with our marine restoration services. Our restoration process provides a complete transformation that will improve the quality of your fibreglass boat. This includes repairing and touching up your vessel, upgrading parts, and customising the overall aesthetic.

These are just some of the most common repairs experienced with fibreglass boats. If you find yourself with another issue, speak to the experts at Bodytech Marine to see how we can help you.

Our experienced and qualified marine technicians will help you get your boat back into the water in no time. To learn more about our fibreglass boat repair services, call us on (02) 9680 2017.