Common boat repairs we offer

Common boat repairs we offer

Owning a boat is a fulfilling yet responsibility-filled experience. While hitting the water provides an unmatched sense of joy, the privilege of owning a boat can come with unexpected twists and turns. One of the most prominent elements boat owners experience is the occurrence of repairs.

Frequent use, wear and tear and general accidents can result in a range of common boat repairs required before your vessel can return to the water. Not to worry, such common boat repairs can be fixed quickly by the right team.

What are the usual boat repairs? Below, we list each common boat repair we come across.


General wear and bumps here and there can result in scratches on your boat’s shell. Sometimes, this can be easily buffed out and painted over.

However, it can be a more extensive fix when it occurs on a fibreglass boat, but it isn’t impossible. Fibreglass boat repair may require scratches to be filled and coated with a gel coat. At Bodytech Marine, we have the right tools and equipment to fix these situations.

Common boat repairs we offer


On and off the water, accidents will happen. Collisions can result in various boat repairs, from scratches to more concerning gouges. 

Similar to scratches, our team can help get your boat looking as good as new. With a few repairs or panel replacements, we can deliver you a boat ready to return to the water. We also offer boat trailer repair if you find your trailer damaged.


A common issue in fibreglass boats, osmosis can create osmotic blisters in the gel coat surfacing. While it won’t compromise the structure of your vessel, it can be an aesthetic issue and decrease your boat’s value.

If you find your boat has osmosis, our team can rescue you. As part of our boat services, we provide repairs to fibreglass vessels that have osmosis.


Common in aluminium boats, electrolysis doesn’t just impact the aesthetic of a boat; it can also cause severe damage and potentially harm the structure of your boat.

At the first sign of corrosion, you should seek professional help. This can avoid costly repairs or the total destruction of your boat.

Common boat repairs we offer

Peeling paint

Over time, it is natural for your boat to age. If you find your boat’s paint is peeling, a new coat could be in order. We service both fibreglass and aluminium boats with marine paint resprays.

We also provide restoration services. If your boat has been out of the game for a while and needs an extensive transformation, or if you have recently bought an older boat that needs a new look, our restoration services are for you.


The sister company to Bodytech Automotive, Bodytech Marine is your go-to in the Hills for all things marine. We service boats and jet skis of all makes and models and we also accept boat trailers. In addition to general repairs, we offer resprays, restorations, pre-sale details, and touch-ups.

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