April 2nd 2007

Peter and his team have been working day and night for three months now, putting Bodytech together from the ground up. Today is the grand opening,  two factory smash repair units, 5 staff and not a car on the premises. However…….. by 2pm that afternoon Bodytech Automotive is full! We were off and running.

Oct 12th 2007

Within six months of opening the doors this new Smash Repairs business has grown significantly and  have run out of space, requiring the premises to be expanded … unit 3 is opened. It is not only physical size that is growing, their reputation is getting bigger and stronger by the day.

April 14th 2008

Twelve months after opening, Bodytech is running like clockwork. Extra staff have been hired and they have fine tuned their operating practices. Once again the premises are at capacity, and they require additional space. The fourth unit is opened, Castle Hill is impacted.

April 17th 2009

The business is running brilliantly. Everyone is happy: staff, clients and  insurance companies. Even Peter can finally step back and take a deep exhale and sit back and admire what he has achieved. The team hold their heads high, priding themselves in the fact that throughout the rapid growth, their quality processes and reputation have never been compromised.

July 7th 2011

Since being established four years ago, Bodytech Automotive has repaired and modified over 9000 cars and has grown to a staff of 18. Standing tall and proud, their quality, service and reputation remain untarnished and they are looking forward to the future.


Bodytech was the victim of a horrible arson attack, but I use the word victim, lightly. Peter was not going to allow that to compromise his business. 3 of the 4 factory units had to be completely reconstructed. In no way did this effect business. New buildings were rented to take work offsite and  business began within 24 hours. All the renovating went off without a hitch. A credit to his staff and the management of his business.


Peter and the team are back; Bigger Better Stronger

Fully recovered from the fire in 2013, Peter and the team are moving forward with gusto. Some staff have moved ahead and others have taken their place. The place is alive with activity. Peters  2 eldest sons are settling in to the business and taking over areas Peter has assigned to them. Everyone is happy and busy and looking forward to the future.


Fast forward almost 10 years since the doors first opened. Its December, The business is a Direct Repairer for 4 major Insurance Companies. There are around 50 cars per week being completed and sent back to their owners. The premises are not big enough and they need more staff.

A conversation with the Owner of Castle Hill Smash sees a mutually beneficial purchase. A hand shake and the deal is done. Peter now owns a new business just accross the road with 5 new staff and 4 new units….what an achievement!

Feb 2018 and Bodytech is  repairing closer to 80 cars  per week with their main concern always being for  the customer and for their safety.

Stay tuned to see what transforms in the next few years.