The pros and cons of hydro dipping

Popular among car and motorcycle owners, hydro dipping is an in-demand service in the automobile industry. A method of transfer printing, this design enhancement is one of the most efficient ways to customise a vehicle.

Are you looking to mix up the look of your car? As one of the leaders for hydro dipping in Sydney, Bodytech Automotive can tell you all you need to know about this service.

If you’re interested in hydro dipping, check out the pros and cons to see why this might be the perfect design customisation for you.

Pro: Wide design options available

The best part about hydro dipping? The option is yours. With hydro dipping, the design possibilities are endless. Not only do we have a wide selection of bold patterns available to choose from, but you can also create a custom graphic.

There are countless patterns and designs available. From solid colours to camouflage and more, you can make your bike unique with this enhancement’s variety. Furthermore, it is flexible, allowing you to combine colours and patterns on different parts.

Pros and cons of hydro dipping

Con: It can have limited longevity

While professional hydro dipping services provide quality control and results, hydro dipping can still have limited longevity. It will depend on the item covered and the environment it is exposed to. No matter the quality and how careful you are, UV light and harsh chemicals can break down the hydro dipping over time.

It may need to be re-dropped down the track to update the design and refresh it. If it is long-lasting, you are looking for; a powder coat may be a better alternative. We offer powder coating services in Sydney.

Pro: You can customise many car and motorcycle parts

Extremely compatible, hydro dipping has maximum versatility. It can be used on various items, including many parts of a car and motorcycle. Perfect for adding your unique touch or spin to a vehicle, it is a great customisation tool that can be used on a singular item or for several parts of a vehicle.

Often, owners use hydro dipping across various vehicles, especially motorbikes. Hydro dipping motorcycle parts are common, as this can be a great way to create a feature element on the original design that stands out.

Hydro dipping can be added to fenders, fuel tanks, accessories, bike frames, wheel rims and more.

Con: It can be messy and requires ventilation

DIY hydro dipping is possible, but it can be a messy project. While it can be easy, hydro dipping requires skill and practice for quality results. Even with experience, it can be challenging to avoid getting the film or activator on your clothing or skin.

Not to mention, inhaling the fumes from the activator can be dangerous as it requires proper ventilation. If you do not have a safe, ventilated space to work with chemicals, it is best to leave it to the professionals.

It’s recommended to seek professional services when looking for hydro dipping. Bodytech Automotive offers this service.

Pro: It can set your vehicle apart

Hydro dipping will set your vehicle apart from the rest. Helping it stand out from the crowd, your hydro-dipped graphic will add interest to your vehicle. Whether it be multiple hydro-dipped parts or one, it will give your car or motorcycle a unique edge.

Bespoke, you can choose the graphic to represent you. By choosing a hydrographic that is meaningful, you are giving more value to your beloved vehicle. There will be no mistaking your car when you’re on the road, out and about.

Pros and cons of hydro dipping

Con: It doesn’t provide texture options

One of the downfalls is that there is a limitation for hydro dipping when it comes to texture. While hydro dipping often comes in a matte, semi-gloss and high gloss finish, texture is hard to come by.

Hydro dipping is used mainly to add colour or design, not texture. If you want texture in particular, consider sandblasting and powder coating.

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