Hydro dipping 101 – Understanding hydro dipping & hydrographics

When customising your car or motorbike, general spray paint and custom colour have long been the leading choice. But sometimes, adding a splash of paint isn’t enough to have your automobile standing out from the crowd.

If you want to give your automobile a unique edge that a standard colour of paint cannot provide, try hydro dipping! Unlocking a whole new world of customisation, you can enhance and tailor your car’s design even further with hydro graphics.

Want to know more about hydro dipping? Keep reading to find out!

What is hydro dipping?

Also known as hydrographics, hydro dipping is the art of printing a layer of graphics onto three-dimensional surfaces. This includes both interior and exterior parts of an automobile.

Hydro dipping is a durable method, with the finished result being extremely robust. Just like paint, it can last for years at a time.

Using the latest in hydro dipping technology, the process involves submerging the selected design in the water. Here it is sprayed with chemicals that activate the print, serving as a bonding agent to dissolve it. The area that will have the print applied onto it will be treated before dipping it into the tub with the selected design.

During this process, the design covers the item, sticking to it. Then it is removed and rinsed off to remove the chemical residue.

Hydro dipping offers extraordinary design options, changing the customisation game completely. Our team can help bring your vehicle to life and protect engine components, intake manifolds, transmission housings and more.

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What can be hydro dipped?

When it comes to cars, motorbikes and boats, there are plenty of parts that can be used in terms of hydro graphics. Hydro dipping is compatible with materials such as metal, fibreglass, ceramics, plastic, glass, wood grains and more.

Hydro graphics can pretty much go on anything that can also be painted. The long list of materials compatible with the application leaves countless opportunities to personalise your automobile.

At Bodytech Automotive, we use our hydro dipping services on a wide range of car and motorcycle parts and accessories. This includes:

  • Wheels & rims
  • Engine covers
  • Rocker covers
  • Dashboards
  • Spoilers
  • Interior trimmings
  • Handles
  • Consoles
  • Logos
  • + more

Designs are available in a range of finishes, including matte, semi-gloss, high gloss and show finishes.

Where can you find hydro dipping services in the Hills?

For impressive hydro graphics with a high-quality finish, you want to hire a professional service with an existing portfolio of hydro dipping. If you are looking for hydro dipping in Sydney, trust Bodytech Automotive.

Located in the heart of the Hills District in Northwest Sydney, our team has provided happy customers with countless hydrographic designs. Based in Castle Hill, we can transform your vehicle completely through your desired graphic. That’s the power of hydro graphics!

If you are keen on hydro dipping motorcycle parts, car parts or parts of your boat, give Bodytech Automotive a call. We can have your vehicle displaying hydrographics in the near future! Enquire now by calling us on (02) 9680 2017.