Paint Less Dent Removal: The Positive Side

Paint Less Dent Removal Can Be Done In Your Garage

One of the things that makes paint less dent removal an appealing option is because it can be performed almost anywhere – in your garage, in front of your house, even in your office’s parking lot. This means that you don’t even need to drive your vehicle to the auto repair shop just to get this service done. This ‘mobile’ auto repair service is possible because most of the tools that a paint less dent removal technician uses are relatively small and easy to carry around.
Paint Less Dent Removal Is Not Intrusive

Unlike other types of auto body repair services, paint less dent removal is not intrusive – meaning there is no need to take down the damaged panel in order to hammer it back to its original shape as in panel beating services. Plus, since the original paint is still intact, the factory warranty on the paint and finish remains valid – one factor that you should be considering when it comes to making guarantee claims and insurance claims.
Paint Less Dent Removal Can Save You Money
Paint less dent removal services are also generally cheaper and more affordable compared to other types of auto body repairs. There are several reasons why this is so. For one, paint less dent removal eliminates the need to have a paint job done on the damaged panel since the original paint and its finish is still intact. Second, paint less dent removal technicians are able to charge minimal fees for this service because the tools that they need to perform the job are relatively inexpensive. Lastly, with regards to this particular service, the overhead costs are much lower compared to traditional auto body repair and restoration work which will usually require having their own, large workshop and very expensive tools and equipment.

Paint Less Dent Removal Is Quick

Paint less dent removal can also be completed much faster than other conventional methods of auto body repair, especially when compared to panel beating where the repairman needs to remove the panel in order to be able to work on the dent. There is also no need for sanding, filling or painting custom paints or spray painting matching colours. Because there is no need for such an endeavour, paint less dent removal can be completed in as fast as one afternoon. You can even take your vehicle to an auto body repair shop for paint less dent removal service, then meet your friend for a cup of coffee and come back with the repair already finished. A skilled technician with the right set of tools and able hands will be able to remove a dent from your vehicle within minutes. Of course, the time required for this particular service will still depend on the number of dents and their severity.

Paint Less Dent Removal Gives Results in a Showroom Finish

Paint less dent removal is a great way to restore your vehicle’s look back to its original shape. Although it is impossible to achieve 100% perfection given that the metal had already been tampered with, the mere look of the finished product will give an impression as though there never was a dent or ding in the repaired area – the end result being a smooth surface with the original paint still intact. Take note though that such an excellent result can only be achieved if you trust the job to a skilled and experienced paint less dent removal technician with excellent hand-eye coordination and some finesse.