How Does Paint Less Dent Removal Work?

Although paint less dent removal technicians will have their own unique techniques and approach to dealing with dents and dings, there are two main methods which are applied with this particular types auto body repair service.
The first one involves the technician pushing the dent outwards. In this process the technician makes use of a magnetic ball set on long handle, a tracer and a fluorescent or LED light. Here, the technician places the magnetic ball behind the panel where the dent is and the tracer on the outside or dented side. Carefully and with the aid of the light, the technician will then push the dent outwards using the magnetic ball from behind to restore the dented panel back to its original form.
A second way of doing paint less dent repair is with the use of round, suction-like discs. The discs are attached to the outside part of the panel or where the dents are. A rod is then attached to the discs, and the technician pulls the rod and the discs in order to pull the dented surface outward.