In the Office

Elisa Liberatore

Office Manager
  • I have known Peter and all about Bodytech for 11 years. I worked in the Car Insurance Industry and dealt with Peter on a daily basis. I have always loved and respected their quality of work and the energy and I'm thrilled to be a new member of this fabulous team.

Joanne Christodoulou

Accounts Manager
  • “Working with Peter in our family business since we opened in 2007 has been a great journey. Peter and I have the same work ethics which makes working so closely together such a pleasure. Having our two eldest boys working with us now, and watching them learn the ropes of the business, so they can, one day, take over, makes me the proudest wife and mother ever.”

Tristan Gulotta

  • I’ve been working here since 2008 and I am so proud to watch the business grow to what it has become today. Our reputation in the Smash Repair Industry is of such a high standard.

Jon Christodoulou

Manager/Workshop Coordinator
  • I’ve been working in my family Business since January 2013. I started here as an apprentice spray painter and soon took on an extra role as Parts Manager. I love working here, I’m being taught so much, not just all aspects of our business, but in all fields of the industry as my father is one of the best. Something funny about my dad, he thinks he can sing :)

Marco Ramaglia

Head Estimator
  • So happy to be working here!.

Peter Christodoulou

CEO and Head Chef
  • You are my sunshine, My only Sunshine.......

In the Paint Shop

Shawn Booth

Spray painter
  • I’ve been working here since 2010. Working here with Peter is great, particularly because he is the best boss/cook in the trade, Have you heard about his morning tea BBQ on Fridays with his famous prawns and Oysters. It’s amazing!

Rod Leadbeater

Spray Painter
  • I joined Bodytech at the beginning of 2017 after working for Castle Hill Smash.Best decision i ever made.

Kosta Boursianis

Spray Painter
  • I’ve been working here since February 2015. Peter is a great Boss, and this is a great shop to work in. One of my favourite jobs I worked on was a 1990 model Nissan S14. We did custom work to the front bar and fitted a body kit. It looked amazing!

Carl Bugeja

Spray Painter
  • I just started in March 2017. What a great place to work. The team and the quality of cars is amazing.

Sam Capizzi

Spray Painter
  • Its great having such a quality of work to do since joining Bodytech... its a fantastic place to work.

Andrew Muscatt

3rd Year Spray Painter
  • I started in June 2017 and im loving the work and the ability to learn frommsuch Master Tradesmen.

In the Panel Shop

John Bieg

Panel Beater
  • I joined Bodytech in early 2017 from Castle Hill Smash. One of the best things that has happened for my career.

Wayne Clarke

Panel Beater
  • I stayed on with Peter and the team when he took over Castle Hill Smash. Its great to be here and work with such an amazing team.

Glen Brown

Panel Beater
  • I started here in early 2017and immediately feltnlike part of the team. Thanks guys.

Reece Christodoulou

Panel Beater / Paintless Dent Removal Expert
  • I’ve been working in the family business since July 2015. I love working here and having my dad teach me everything he knows. Most days are spent laughing while we work. Dad is always singing or grabbing someone off the shop floor to dance with…Only if all the work is done of course :)

Ali Savafi

Apprentice PanelBeater
  • A great place to work and be trained

Wayne Martin

Panel Beater
  • Call me Steve.
    I've known Peter for 8 years. I've worked for him before and it's wonderful to be back.

Trent Moore

Panel Beater
  • I joined Bodytech in July 2017.
    So great to be here. I've heard nothing but wonderful things about this company.

In the Detailing Bay

George Shalah

  • I had known Peter for 3 months when i started working here in July 2016.
    I worked nearby and in the same complex and it is the great atmosphere, the friendly team and the superior quality of work that is produced at Bodytech that had me want to work here.

In the Mechanics Shop

Matt Turner

Head Mechanic
  • I was so excited to hear about Bodytech starting a mechanical workshop and even more thrilled to be asked to join the team as their first Mechanic. Its a great place to work. I have the utmost respect for Peter and the entire team here.